The Mammoth bike rack can hold many different types of bikes, like fat bikes, road bikes, kids’ bikes, touring bikes, mountain bikes, and more. It works by holding the bike by the handlebars, which makes it compatible with a lot of different bike styles.

Adjustable DEsign

The Mammoth Mounts bike rack has three different upright positions, and it can tilt open to give you access to your car’s hatch or tailgate. You can also adjust how close or far away the rack sits from your car by using the two holes on the hitch piece. The rack is made to fit many different kinds of vehicles and bikes.

Built in Anti-Rattle Hitch

The Mammoth bike rack comes with a unique built-in anti-rattle device, which helps keep the rack steady and secure in your car’s hitch receiver. Unlike other racks that rely on the third party threaded hitch pin design, the Mammoth bike rack features a built in solution with a wedge that tightens inside your vehicles hitch receiver. You only need to use one bolt to remove the rack.

No Structural Welds

The Mammoth bike rack is designed without any structural welds. This means that even if a weld were to fail, your bike would still stay safe. Instead of welds, the important parts of the rack are held together with strong grade 8 bolts.

Safety First

The Mammoth rack was designed with safety as a number one priority. The central pivot has a built in stop to prevent the rack from swinging forward into the vehicle. The lower pivot also has a built in adjustable stopper to prevent the rack from falling to the ground. 

Heard Enough?

Lock it IN

The Mammoth bike rack has a loop where you can attach a chain or cable to help keep your bike secure from theft.


The Mammoth bike rack is made with strong grade 8 bolts, which can hold a lot of weight. The hitch piece is plated with zinc to help it resist damage, and the rest of the rack is powder-coated to help it resist rust. The straps that hold the bikes are made of stretchy EPDM rubber and have several holes to fit different handlebars.

Custom Colours Available

You can pick the color of your Mammoth bike rack! The base color is gloss grey, but you can also get a custom graphics kit in almost any color.